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Broad Peak Tires - Revolutionizing Off-Road Adventure

Here is a 3D render showcasing our high-quality tires that redefine the boundaries of performance and durability.Crafted with utmost precision, these tires boast an innovative design, engineered to conquer any terrain with unparalleled grip and traction. From rugged mountain trails to challenging desert sands, Broad Peak Tires are the epitome of excellence, offering optimal stability and control. With every detail meticulously crafted, our tires ensure a thrilling ride, empowering adventurers to reach the peak of their off-road aspirations. Unleash your vehicle's true potential with Broad Peak Tires, where exceptional quality meets unrivaled performance.



Broad Peak is the 12th tallest mountain on Earth, located on the border of China and Pakistan. That is where the idea for Broad Peak tires was born. We saw the need to bring something new to the atv/utv marketplace, something that hadn’t been done before. From the toughest terrains in one of the tallest mountains in the whole world directly to your home, Broad Peak tires have been tested all over the world to be able to handle all kinds of terrains and weather. Our mission is to help you live each one of your adventures to the fullest. Using the latest technologies, Broad Peak Tires brings you a premium all terrain tire at an affordable price. Broad Peak Tires is the performance tire for all terrains. 

The Future of Tires Is Here



We know what our customers want because we are our customers. We love the ATV/UTV lifestyle.

01 Built For Durability
Built For Durability
We make sure all our tires have the quality and strength to take your adventures to the next level. Broad Peak tires are the first ATV/UTV tires to be manufactured on a passenger Car Radial tires (PCR) tire factory. Because of this technology, Broad Peak tires are one of the lightest and most durable tires on the market, improving your experience when riding.
02 Unmatched Quality
Unmatched Quality
We have worked hard to make sure that this is the highest quality tire on the market. We can now say, we succeeded.
03 Excellent costumer Service
Excellent costumer Service
Our team has over 20 years of experience in the industry and will be able to help and inform you, regardless of your needs.
04 Quick Shipping
Quick Shipping
Shipping and handling times are second to none. We make sure that we ship all of your tires as fast as possible within the US to get you adventuring immediately.

During my time visiting Broad Peak Mountain, the idea of Broad Peak tires came to me. I just knew we needed to change the game. We have spent countless hours designing and perfecting our tires and I believe we have created a masterpiece and a new way of living each adventure to the fullest. I am happy to finally introduce this new brand of tires to the marketplace.


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